NEW Station 9

New Station 9 signLoveland Rural Fire Protection District New Fire Station 9

Help us build Fire Station 9 one brick at a time.

An easy and memorable way to help cover the costs of building our new fire station on the hill, benefitting the residents of Storm Mountain.

Each brick you purchase will be set into the patio outside the new station. Each brick (paver) can be customized to commemorate an event, to honor a person, or to advertise your business. The bricks are imprinted, fired and inlaid with black stain.  Click here to go to our secure ordering website.

Background:  This building project will replace the very small existing Fire Station 9 that serves the Cedar Park and Cedar Springs Estates subdivisions and the surrounding private and public lands.  The current station is poorly located, is too small for the trucks and equipment maintenance, has little parking space and has storm drainage problems.  The new station site is a ½ acre parcel donated through a long term extendable lease from the Ray Berg family, owners of the 40 acre Berg Ranch which is the original homestead in the Cedar Park area. The proposed building will be an unmanned 3-bay station to house fire/rescue apparatus that will respond to 911 dispatched emergencies with Big Thompson Canyon VFD firefighters.  BTCVFD is operationally under the Suppression Division of Loveland Fire Rescue Authority but is funded and administered by Loveland Rural Fire Protection District.

Location:  The station will serve the approximately 150 permanent households and vacation homes in the mountain subdivisions of Cedar Park and Cedar Springs Estates as well as the surrounding public lands with high recreational usage.  The area has a single access, the USFS Road 128 – Storm Mountain Access Road.  This road starts from County Road 43 just west of its junction with US Highway 34 in the community of Drake.  The road is used by the residents and by the public to access the vast USFS public lands that surround the subdivisions.  Recent County traffic counts found 700-800 trips per day of use on this road.

The building site is located just south of the first intersection (“the Tee”) in the subdivisions.  The site was a horse pasture used by the Bergs and has been fenced off to maintain that use.  The site slopes mildly (8-10%) to the SE.  There will be an approximately 6’ cut and fill type excavation to level the building footprint and allow for a large apron area for truck access and egress into the bays.  The earth-sheltered (half-buried) nature of the building will reduce its visual impact from the most visible north side.  The station will be accessed from Palisade Mountain Drive via a circle drive around the south side of the building.

Use:  The building will be used primarily by the five District 9 volunteer firefighters of Big Thompson Canyon VFD.   BTCVFD operates out of two other stations, one in Cedar Cove in the lower canyon and the station in Drake.  Firefighters will respond apparatus from the station to dispatched emergencies such as structure fires, wildland fires, emergency medicals, motor vehicle accidents and various rescue incidents.  Firefighters will also use the station to do the regular vehicle and equipment maintenance and repair required to maintain prompt and effective response.  There will also likely be limited (less than 5 times a year) use by the residents for annual homeowner association meetings and community gatherings such as the annual Christmas party.  Other potential uses include a community meeting place, an Incident Command Post for large emergencies or a “shelter in place” protection location for people in danger due to a large incident.100Palisade081213

Timeframe:  The funds for the project come from the operating budget of the Loveland Rural Fire Protection District.  The Rural Board budgeted $30,000 for 2013 and $40,000 for 2014. We continue to accept donations.  The majority of the labor will be by the volunteer firefighters and local residents.  The project will progress as funds allow.  The project was delayed last September due to the flood.  Preliminary cost and available labor estimates suggest it will be completed in 2015. Expenditures to date can be seen here.

Master Plan:  The project is consistent with the Larimer County Master Plan in that the location supports potential reduced response time by firefighters and allows for increased firefighting water supply storage.  BTCVFD is an Interagency Cooperator that works with the US Forest Service, Colorado State Forest Service and Larimer County Emergency Services as detailed in the Larimer County Annual Operating Plan.  The larger station size supports increased effectiveness through easier equipment maintenance, repair and improvement.  It also allows housing for a Type 5 – E-296, our Type 4 6×6 – E-294 and a Type 1 (structure) Engine when one becomes available.

Utilities:  Utilities to support this station are typical for the area.  PVREA will supply the power via buried cable, underground phone, an underground propane tank is the fuel for the boiler and domestic water will come from an underground cistern as the wells in the area are poor producers and are expensive.  The septic system will be built to engineered standards and meet Larimer County Health Department standard leach field system and permit requirements.  In addition, we will install a 4,500 gallon firefighting water supply tank for engine refill.

Call B.T.C.V.F.D. – 203-0348 Or email:


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