Station 9 Financing Update

We have depleted the money allocated from the Loveland Rural Fire Protection District. All work going forward will be coming out of the Donation account which currently sits at approximately $23,000.

Some of the upcoming needs include:

  • Boiler – $6,000 – $10,000
  • Roofing – $10,000 – $15,000
  • Propane – $3,000
  • Roadbase – $5,000
  • Bay Doors
  • Windows
  • Drywall
  • Stucco

As you can quickly see, we need to step up and spread the word about the patio paver fundraiser!!!

Station 9 Construction Progress

Thought you’d like to see what progress has been made so far. A lot has been accomplished though much of it will go unnoticed because it was preparation and excavation.

Thanks to all who have donated their time and/or money, or purchased bricks. As you’ll see from the photos (courtesy of KRPS – Ken Rushing) the floor has been poured. That’s a lot of concrete = $$$

Please go to and order your patio bricks now. We’ve about exhausted the funds raised so far and it sure would be nice to get the building “dryed in” before snow flies.

A HUGE THANK YOU to Dave Legits for dedicating all of his time, expertise and efforts into making this happen!

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Caller ID Spoofing June 2014

After contact with Century Link’s Repair Department, we confirmed that the BTC VFD Station 8 phone number has been the victim of Caller ID Spoofing. We were told this is becoming a very common practice. Using this practice, callers can deliberately falsify the telephone number and/or name relayed as the Caller ID information to disguise the identity of the calling party.

The Truth in Caller ID Act of 2009 prohibits caller ID spoofing for the purposes of defrauding or otherwise causing harm.

We want all of our family, friends and neighbors to know that we are sorry if you have been the recipient of any of these calls. Please know that we as a department value the relationships we have with you.

If you have been the victim of any such calls using our ID number, please attempt to gain information about the caller WITHOUT giving them any information about yourselves. It may help us to file a complaint with the FCC.

Lightning Strike Structure Fire June 18, 2014

On Wednesday June 18, 2014 BTCVFD was called to a structure fire at 331 Snow Top Drive. The home owner was knocked off his porch by the lightning strike to his bunkhouse.  He reported that it sounded like someone had shot him.

Fire was quickly knocked down, but mop-up was extensive. The homeowner was checked by TV EMS and found to have no burns.

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Rope Rescue April 6, 2014

Sunday afternoon, 1412, Canyon Fire was called to the scene of a rope rescue. Details concerning the patient(s) are not available for comment. The terrain was rough; it took a long time to hike in to the scene with all the rope gear required. We were assisted by Loveland Fire Rescue Authority and the Larimer County Search and Rescue.

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2013 Awards Banquet

The Women’s Auxiliary planned a great dinner party for our annual awards banquet! The Association building looked wonderful. It was fun and light-hearted. Shawn’s presentation of the funny gifts the wives chose was perfect.

Trooper Tammy Holloway was recognized for her life saving efforts during a motorcycle accident in Drake.

Many thanks to Jerry Shaffer and Shawn Wright for providing the musical entertainment; to Julie and Shawn Neal for the awesome slide show.

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Annual awards were:

Top Training Hours, John Miller

Rookie of the Year, John Miller

Top Responder, Bill Lundquist

Wildland Stinger Award, Derek Weber

EMS Provider of the Year, Bill Powers

Firefighter of the Year, Shawn Neal

Chief’s Merit Award, Karen Debenham

Medal of Valor Tim Brady

Help Us Build Fire Station 9 one brick at a time…

I wanted to let you know we received our first 2 orders of patio brick pavers from our Firehouse #9 Brick Fundraiser!  I know we’ve all been scattered and focused on other things, which has been the exact right thing to do, but I wanted to share the  images of these first bricks with you as yet another symbol of our strength and determination to move forward and make our mountain even stronger and safer!  Also, if you have already ordered a brick, you can at least see it this way!

As roads open up we will get these up to Fire Station #8 in Drake, where we’ll continue to collect them until it’s time to put in the patio of our fire station.  While now we must all focus on getting the mountain and our lives put back together post-flood, once everyone is home, we’ll kick this campaign off again.  It’s been very heart warming to see some recent brick orders thanking our volunteer fire fighters who truly were first-responders in the flood.  The ordering website is still active  and the first logo in our clip art collection is our Storm Mountain volunteer fire fighter logo with ‘Stinger’. Stay safe and Mountain Strong!

This is an easy and memorable way to help us cover the costs of building our new fire station on Storm Mountain.

stinger brickEach brick you purchase will be set into the patio outside of the new Station 9 at 100 Palisade Mountain Drive. Each paver can be customized to commemorate an event, to honor a person, or to advertise your business. The bricks are imprinted, fired and inlaid with black stain. Company logos can be imprinted along with a short message of thanks or encouragement.

We are offering 2 sizes of bricks: 4″x8″ or 8″x8″.

You can order with or without clip art or your custom logo.

See to place your order now. Through this website you will be able to pay either with  PayPal or check by mail. You can pay by credit card through PayPal or you can use your existing PayPal account. If you wish to receive a tax receipt for your donation please be sure to write “TAX RECEIPT PLEASE” in the comment box on the ordering page.

Information from Loveland Water and Power – November 12, 2013

Loveland Water and Power is contracting with Hill Land Services and Lat40 to obtain easements from customers as needed for power restoration in the Big Thompson Canyon. Customers may be contacted by either contractor on behalf of Loveland Water and Power. If you have any questions please call (970) 962-3000.

Bartram Park Area:…
On October 7th Crews completed the primary electrical tie into Bartram Park. Individual restoration efforts with residents have begun after proper notification and required inspections are complete. This work will continue until all residents have been energized pending their schedules. Since our access to this area is limited we will be energizing services during normal business hours; Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Cedar Cove area and areas west to Drake:
Week of November 11th – The City is engineering a new system route which will bring the power lines further away from the river to a more protected route. Several proposed routes are being evaluated to determine the most reliable yet quickest to construct route for service. We are working with several entities to determine the schedule to construct this new system route.

Drake and Waltonia Areas:
Week of November 11th – The application has been submitted to the Forest Service for the proposed main power line to serve this area. The City and Forest Service will be evaluating the requirements to reach a mutually agreed on route. Once the agreement is reached, construction will begin.

Drake to Palisades Areas:
Week of November 11th – The application has been submitted to the Forest Service for the proposed main power line to serve this area. The City and Forest Service will be evaluating the requirements to reach a mutually agreed on route. Once the agreement is reached, construction will begin.

Scenes from Storm Mountain Air Evacuations

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These photos were taken by Mark Haupt and Ellen O’Connell over the entire period the IMT was here performing air evacuations on Storm Mountain.

Larimer Flood 2013 – CO-LRX-000883 – FEMA Disaster #04145

September 27, 2013


Canyon Fire was struggling with our membership numbers earlier this year. We lost several seasoned members due to retirement or relocation. However with the implementation of our new wildland Team we gained 3 new members and we also accepted another 3 new full time members. This brought our membership up to 19. Our probationary members and Public Information Officer got hands on training they never anticipated.

The first night of flooding found most of our department checking on residents in our district which includes the Big Thompson Canyon from the narrows up to Waltonia and encouraging them to move to safety.

When the Big Thompson River breeched the highway at mile marker 74.5 Loveland Fire and Rescue and BTCVFD performed a technical Tyrolean rope rescue bringing 6 people across the river to safety when their private bridge was destroyed.

When the river breeched Highway 34 at MM81 several evacuation points were established; one was at Bartram Park under the command of Assistant Chief Tim Brady, with the assistance of Paramedic Jenica Butts and firefighter Jason Tanner. This team evacuated 75 people to safety using ATV’s and a hastily improved Bear Track Road.

Another breech further up canyon found Chief Bill Lundquist and firefighters Mark Svoboda and John Miller sheltering over 35 evacuees at Fire Station 8 and the BTCA building.

Firefighter Jack Patterson sheltered over 15 evacuees near his residence after checking on families the rest of the way up to Drake. Firefighter Delbert Nusbaum was also in this section of Drake.

The community of Storm Mountain found the most residents isolated, but for the most part safe from the flood waters. They were fortunate to have a larger team of Canyon members available to assist in the evacuations. Lead by Lt. Shawn Neal, Captain Dave Legits, firefighters Bill Powers, Dave Phillips, and Aaron Klee, wildland team members Derek Weber and Matt Charboneau and Public Information Officer Karen Debenham, worked nonstop for ten days. From checking on residents with medical needs to scouting alternative egress roads to coordinating efforts with the Sheriff’s department and the Type II Incident Management Team—they did it all with extreme professionalism.

Chief Lundquist commented that he was very proud of every member involved in the event. He said “Everyone was in the right place with the right skills needed.”

Statistically, over 400 residents and guests in our district were safely air-lifted. Approximately 100 individuals of the Storm Mountain community have chosen to shelter in place and “weather out the storm”.

Submitted by Karen Debenham, Public Information Officer