Serve Your Community.

Make A Commitment.

Make A Difference.

Set An Example.

Save A Life.

It takes all kinds of unique individuals to provide support to a small rural community.

Are you interested in volunteering as a Firefighter?

Volunteers with or without previous fire service experience are urged to apply.

Becoming a certified fire professional with any organization takes time, knowledge, hands-on experience, and the ability to commit to being available day or night, rain or shine. However, the rewards are great and the opportunity to make a difference is priceless.

Following the application process, potential recruits are notified of their acceptance of membership with the Big Thompson Canyon V.F.D. Obtaining the Firefighter I Certification through the fire academy we sponsor is the next step, along with Wildland Fire Certification (Red Card), Hazrdous Materials Certification, CPR/First Aid/AED and First Responder Certification. We provide many training and hands-on experiences over the course of the year. Becoming a volunteer Firefighter is a very rewarding way to serve your community.

Won’t you join us in keeping our homes, families, and rural region safe?

How do I find out more?

Contact us to receive more information and an application packet


Click here to print the BTCVFD Membership Application

Click here to print the BTCVFD Information packet

Call BTCVFD – 203-0348 OR E-Mail: volunteer@bigthompsoncanyonvfd.org

Here’s a brief overview of  the commitment level for Firefighters

with the Big Thompson Canyon V.F.D.

1. Attend Fire Academy to obtain the Firefighter I certification

2. Obtain the Wildland Fire certification (Red Card), Haz Mat certification, and First Responder certification

3. You are issued a pager, if needed; possibly a radio as well. Plan to be on call 24/7 and attend emergency calls if you are in the area and able to do so.

4. Learn to put on your bunker gear in a minute or less.

5.  Attend at least 8 of our monthly business meetings each calendar year.

6. Attend two trainings each month.

7. Attend at least 6 monthly apparatus checks each calendar year.

7. Plan to participate in community events such as the Big Thompson Canyon Association’s annual Pancake Breakfast.

8. Learn to drive the trucks and operate apparatus.

9.  Become familiar with our service area, our protocol and requirements.

10. Help in recruiting others who have the desire to volunteer and support fire safety in our region.

11. Serve our community by educating the public about fire safety and assisting at local events, fundraisers and activities.

Keep in mind – a lot of these commitments may be happening at once. In a perfect world, we would step into the position with a full toolbox, able to tackle any obstacle. In the real world of the Fire/EMS First Responder, we are constantly learning, certifying and re-certifying… en route to a call (pager went off at 2 a.m. – and have to be to work at the real job by 8 a.m.!)… training, coaching others within our organization… planning fundraisers and open houses, educating area residents, and helping out at community and charity events – not to mention supporting one another as we do all of the above.

We invite you to apply to become a Firefighter with the

Big Thompson Canyon Volunteer Fire Department!

Call today for more information: (970) 203-0348
OR E-Mail: volunteer@bigthompsoncanyonvfd.org


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